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About Us

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Our Story:

  • A logo with a story. ASS, Asian Student Society, was established in 2017 inside a college dormitory, Dominion Hall, at George Mason University. The founding members lived on the same floor and over the course of one semester, they discovered that their friendship was formed organically based on common traits that they shared; Honorable, Original, Logical, and Entertaining. The founders believed that these traits can empower people to become the best version of themselves, then and there ASS was born. 

  • We wanted to create a brand to spread a message of empowerment and to encourage others to adopt our principals. And we wanted our brand name to embody these principals as well. Our logical thought process led to the name Asian Student Society because we were primarily Asian, that was an undeniable fact. In addition, we wanted to be entertaining and so we thought the acronym ASS was a clever and humorous play of words. Most importantly, we wanted to be original and honorable. We believed that creating a brand was an original and honorable contribution to society that would leave a lasting impact.

  • For the founders, their friendship was created due to their common dormitory. They wanted to represent this in their logo, which is shaped like Dominion’s L floor plan, that building is where everything started and is the reason why they call themselves Asian Student Society. We went through many iterations of our logo but landed on this design due to its simplicity, and reference to our freshman year of college, back when it all started.