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Meet The Team

Meet The Team


The Asian Student Society

  Honorable . Original . Logical . Entertaining



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A logo with a story. ASS, Asian Student Society, was established in 2017 inside a college dormitory, Dominion Hall, at George Mason University. The founding members lived on the same floor and over the course of one semester, they discovered that their friendship was formed organically based on common traits that they shared:

Honorable, Original, Logical, and Entertaining. The founders believed that these traits can empower people to become the best version of themselves, then and there ASS was born.


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Meet The Team


Andre Tran

Chief Executive Officer

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Andre Tran, A well rounded leader with a specialty in fine arts.

Andre, shares similar experiences through the extensive list of achievements and roles previously held.


Brandon Kim

Chief Creative Officer

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Brandon Kim, A visionary with a diverse background in film and photo development. In addition with a background in music production.


Alex Lim

Chief Operating Officer

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Alex Lim, A strategic asset with extensive experience curating and growing start ups. Alex, also has knowledge on running business operations, and has a background in IT and Cyber Security.


Kaleb Ventura

Chief Compliance Officer

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Kaleb Ventura, A vital component to the team, providing critical oversight in backend management and legal. Kaleb, also provides input into business development and business culture.


Sean Quan

Chief Financial Officer

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Sean Quan, A dynamic individual with insight that goes beyond the companies finances. With Sean's extensive background in financial leadership, the ability to provide unique and effective solutions are eminent.